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Dear Room 114 Families,                                                                               February 21, 2017

Reminders for the week.

  • Thank you to all the families that donated items to our 100th day trial mix.  We had a blast.  I have a very large photo album I have been creating all year so look for an invite to that this week. 
  • Please make sure your child completes their Friday letter at home.  Students have ten minutes in the morning to begin them but many do not finish in this time.  Encourage them to write with lots of details and ask them questions about their week if they are stuck.

Students received a new list of words last week and are completing sorting activities throughout the week during Daily 5 to prepare for their spelling test on Friday. Sort and Write, Word Hunt and Speed Sort.  The assessment will be this Friday.

Sight Words:  Work, know, place, year, live

Vocabulary:    Streetlamp, skyline, department, dazzling, steady,  

This week we will read How Many Stars in the Sky?  Students will discuss character traits and make predictions.

This week we will continue to work on All About writing.  Many students are doing All About Me books.  We will also continue to focus on fact vs opinion and learn about adjective

In Math, we will practice measuring crooked lines.  We will also continue to compare objects using greater than, less than and equal to.

Sound and Light, Oh My!  This week we will continue natural and man-made sources of light.

This week we will work on another part of our growth mindset goals.  Students will learn today about their black history project.  My goal was to send it home last week but with Valentine’s Day and the 100th day we barely got through the week!  Students may come home with a book of mine to borrow for the project tomorrow along with details.  This is a very simple project and goes along with our All About writing unit.

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