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Dear Room 114 Families,                                                                                                               May 3, 2017

There are several notes/reminders for the week:

  • Ray is having a Walk-a-Thon. Register your student(s) at http://rayschool.dojiggy.com .  Every student that raises money will take part in 1st grade party.
  • We are down to our last box of graham crackers. Please donate snack.
  • We have a field trip to see the musical The Wiz on May 25th. The cost of the trip is $16.  We have very limited seating for the field trip which only allows for one chaperone.  However if you want to join us you can try and purchase individual tickets at Emerald City Theater.   
  • Please make sure your child completes their Friday letter at home and someone responds. This week almost half the class did not have responses in their journal.  They really love reading them and motivates them to write to you.  

Students received a new list of words and are completing sorting activities throughout the week during Daily 5.  I am trying something new and all students will be working on words with r-controlled, -ar words.  While the difficulty of the words vary by level all the words have this common sound.  Lists were not sent home as I am trying to see what activities are most effective in the classroom. 

This week we will read Koala Lou.  We will be coming back to this text each day as we read and learn something new from it during the week. We will discuss the meanings of the vocabulary words, identify the setting, characters and story parts in the text.

This week we will continue our poetry unit.  Students are finishing up all the poems they have been working on and putting together a poetry book. 


We are coming to a close on our second to last unit, unit 8! This week, we are focusing on composing shapes he students will continue working with halves and fourths; then, move into exploring 2D and 3D shapes.


In Science, we will plant, ryegrass seeds, alfalfa seeds and wheat. We will learn about what seeds need for germination.  Our last set of seeds died so we are giving it another try. 



Students are learning about culture and how geography affects families around the world.


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