November 13, 2018

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  • Please check your time slot for report card pickup.  Please be timely and I will do my best to keep to the schedule. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to email me prior to Wednesday. Also, your child’s grades are always available to check on parent portal. If you need to sign up, please contact the office for your child’s ID number.
  • Please provide a healthy snack for 24 students if you have not done so…or it’s been a while. Thank you to all of the families that have contributed.
  • Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather.  Students go out for recess twice a day.
  • We will begin out next special class this week- library.
  • Please have your child practice tying their shoes.  This is an age appropriate skill that students are very capable of mastering.


This week we will read Giraffes Can’t Dance. We will identify story elements such as characters, setting, character development and author’s purpose. We will use the book to make predictions and inferences. Students will be assessed on their understanding of these concepts using a 3 prompt open response assessment at the end of the week. This quarter our books of the week will focus on the growth mind set and perseverance.

Sight Words: how, out, them, then, many


We will continue working on unit 2 in writing. This unit continues to focus on narrative writing with an emphasis on the writing process. Last week we planned our writing and this week we will add details to the beginning, middle and end. Students will use this process to write at least three stories before the unit’s end.


This week, we will do more counting on the number line to add and subtract. We will revisit using the number grid to skip count and add and subtract. Your child should be comfortable with counting by 5s and 10s to 100. We will learn a new routine called frames and arrows. This routine asks children to find the “rule” or pattern in a set of numbers.


We will continue to work on Sound and Light.  We will look at sound cards and practice making those sounds.  We will also watch a video on sound.  We will discuss what makes sound and what causes sound.


We will discuss family traditions and begin our unit on maps and where we live in the world.

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