March 25, 2019

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  • This Friday our town hall meetings resume in the auditorium, Students will come to the classroom at 9:15am.
  • The students are bringing home completed/graded work this week. Please look over the work and let me know if you have questions. I am holding the students more accountable for finishing work within the allotted time, as this will be an expectation in 2nd grade.
  • A field trip permission slip went home today.  This is a free field trip and takes place next week.   Please return the form no later than Wednesday.


This week we will read Under the Same Sun by Sharon Robinson. This is a great story about a family that returns to Tanzania to visit relatives. We will be exploring cultural differences, as well as discussing why people sometimes leave their home countries. This book is one of the texts with diverse characters that we are focusing on this quarter. We will learn about the sounds of hard and soft g and inflectional endings –s, -ed and –ing.

Sight Words: brother, sister, says, always, think- students are assessed weekly on the spelling of these words. They have access to the words on the word wall, but should study the words weekly and be able to read the words without sounding them out.

Vocabulary Words: terminal, greet, bustle, safari, ruins- these words come from the weekly read aloud text, please discuss these words at home


We will start opinion writing this week. We will read the book The Best Part of Me.  Students will share their favorite thing about themselves.  

MATH: This week we will continue unit 7 in math. This unit will focus on the relationships between facts. We will use fact triangles and dominoes to look closely at fact families. The students are avidly working on their number scrolls. It is a great activity that highlights the patterns in numbers and allows children to look closely at place value to check for accuracy. Please use the fact triangles from the home links to practice addition and subtraction facts

SOCIAL STUDIES/SCIENCE: In science we will continue our unit on light and conduct experiments about refraction and reflection. We will learn about materials that reflect light (such as mirrors) and why certain objects look bent in water. We will continue to learn about women who have made a difference in history. We will read and discuss books about Katherine Johnson, Beatrix Potter and Brave Girl.

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