September 23, 2019

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September 23, 2019

  • The first PTO meeting is this Tuesday, 9/24 at 5:00pm. Pizza and childcare provided. Please attend.
  • Children are permitted to have “pop top” water bottles in the classroom.
  • School picture forms went home last week.  Please bring in the form or complete the form online.
  • I have quiet hours set on Dojo from 5pm to 8:45 am.  If you send me a message during those times, I will not see it until quiet hours are off.
  • Thank you to all the families that have donated snack this month.  If September is your month and you have not yet donated snack I will be reaching out to you.  If you do not plan to provide snack for the class please send me an email.


I will group the students according to our first Words their Way spelling assessment. Students will begin to work on a targeted spelling skill next week.  This week we will focus on the short a sound.

Sight Words: was, for, on, are, as


This week we will read Rainbow Fish and will study vocabulary and themes from the text. Students will discuss character traits, major events in the story and the author’s purpose or lesson.

VOCABULARY OF THE WEEK: glide, admire, wise, shimmer, shocked


The students will continue to write narrative pieces focusing on stretching out unknown words, work spacing and punctuation.


This week, we will take the unit 1 assessment. The assessment will deal with counting, number stories, tally marks and reading graphs.


We will plant lawns and grow clippings from other plants around ray school.  We will go on a nature walk and identify all the living things we see.


We will discuss different types of families and the people who make them up. We will share the roles of the different members on the family.


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