September 9, 2019

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Dear Room 114 Families,                                                                               September 9, 2019

I am so glad to be back at school. Thank you for your help in making the first week of school a smooth transition for the students and myself. I am very impressed with the progress I saw in just four days.

Notes for the week:

  • This Thursday is Open House from 4:00-6:00pm.  The classroom will be open until 5 and then a general meeting will take place in the auditorium.
  • Please return the green homework EVERY day with your 1st grader. Please initial the calendar inside the folder and assist your 1st grader in completing the nightly homework. The folders are very durable and should last the school year.
  • Please return your email information sheet.  I will send home a hard copy of the newsletter the first few weeks and then I will only be sending an electronic copy.
  • We have Gym on Wednesday and Friday. Please have your child wear/bring gym shoes on those days.  We are on a five week rotating schedule so we only have gym and Spanish for the next five weeks.
  • If you have not returned the school forms, such as lunch, emergency, etc., please do so as soon as possible. Please complete the lunch form even if your child does not eat school lunch. School lunch is free for all students this year.
  • We will make time for a daily snack in the afternoon. I provided a snack schedule last week.  This month all students with last names beginning with A-K should provide snack to share. Please send enough snack for 26 students. Please send healthy, nut-free snacks.
  • Free breakfast is served in the lunchroom from 8:20-8:40 am. Please enter through the southern most glass doors off Kimbark.
  • Please remember to meet your child on our class number at dismissal timeto avoid congestion around the school doors. Please remind your child to say good-bye before leaving. I .will walk the students out beginning at 3:40 pm. Any students who remain at 3:45 pm will be escorted to room 306.
  • Children are permitted to have “pop top” water bottles at school. Feel free to send water with your child.
  • If you are interested in volunteering in the school and/or on field trips, you must fill out a volunteer packet from the main office.

This week we will continue to reinforce routines and procedures with daily practice. I will be using several word lists to begin to determine each student’s current reading level. The levels will assist in grouping the students for guided reading. This week I will also start to introduce the Reading Workshop by allowing students to practice read to self and read to someone.


In Phonics we will work on recognizing rhymes, building words using the alphabet chart, hearing sounds in sequence and saying words slowly to predict letter sequence. We will focus on the short sound of /a/.

Sight Words=        the, and, in, to, of


This week we will read a collection of books about friendship and being unique. We will read the books “Big Al”, “A Bargain for Frances”, and “A Bad Case of the Stripes”.

Vocabulary=       fret, ointment, sob, contagious


We will start Writing Workshop. We will work on telling the stories of our lives using illustrations. I will assess students’ spelling using a spelling inventory


In math we will learn several new games that focus on number order and comparing numbers. We will learn about tally marks and use dice to investigate equally likely outcomes. We will continue to use the math tools, including slates, pattern templates, pennies and dice.


In Science we will discuss what a scientist does and how they look, recognizing that we are all scientists.  We will also being our unit on families.


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