October 15, 2019

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  • Please join us for international night tomorrow.  The homework calendar incorrectly has the event listed on Thursday night.  Our class will be making salsa to share at the event.
  • Snack donations are welcome all the time.  Thanks to those of you who have already contributed.
  • Please pay the $85 student fee.
  • If any families have old Magna-Tiles they are no longer using please consider donating to Room 114.  We use them during math centers and most of my collection has diminished over the years.


This week we will read Stellaluna and will study vocabulary and themes from the text. Students will discuss character traits, major events in the story and the author’s purpose or lesson. We will compare and contrast bats to birds and add some bat art during Daily 5.

Sight Words- they, as, be, with, he.

Vocabulary- clutched, clambered, swoop, clumsy, perched


The students will continue to write daily.  We select a piece of writing for publication this week. Students will make sure the story has three parts, beginning, middle, end, at least one sentence, and corresponding picture on each page. We will celebrate our writing on Friday at our first Writing Celebration.


This week, we will continue with unit 2. Students will explore change to more, change to less diagrams, and work with mystery numbers (missing addends) in number stories.


We will continue to learn about plants.  We will continue to observe out seeds.  The students are having lots of fun planting seeds they find.


We will continue with our discussion of what families need and want.

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