March 16, 2020

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Room 114 families,

I have already emailed families a packet created by fellow 1st grade teacher Ms. Webb, as well as units created by CPS.  You can find links to both of those in your class dojo account and via email.  These suggested activities can be printed and completed at home.

 When we return to school, I will be collecting every students writing journal.  Information regarding student journals is found below.  This activity should be done during our break. 

Activities to do while at home:

  • Practice sight words.  I will be emailing a sight word list.  We have practiced words from list one and two.  At this time, your child should be able to read all of these words.  I also have the expectation that they will be able to write all of these words by the end of the year.
  • Journal Daily, please make sure we use our best hand- writing and proper punctuation.

o   Every day your child should tell me about their day.  They should write at least 5 sentences.

o   Students should also write about at least one book they have read, or are reading.  Talk about the main characters, setting, etc.  I will be emailing a great list of questions to focus on and answer.

o   In addition to the above writing, I will be emailing a daily writing prompt.

  • Math

o   Practice your addition and subtraction facts.  At this time of the year students are on fact fluency of addition/subtraction facts up to 10.  .  We have learned lots of strategies/game for addition and subtraction.

o   Time- We are learning to tell time to the hour and half hour.  If students  are ready,

o    practice telling time beyond this.

o   Money- We are working with pennies, dimes and dollars.

o   You will receive a PDF with instructions on many of the games we play.  All these games can be done with a deck of cards and dice.  If you do not have a deck of cards create some using the numbers 0-10 (4 copies of each).

o   Volume 1 math journals were sent home last week.  Complete any work from this journal.  All of these lessons have been taught.

  • Reading

o   Raz-Kids.  Every student in Room 114 has a username and password.  Information was sent home at the beginning of the year. If you no longer have this information please email me and I will provide you with our child’s specific information.

o   Information was emailed regarding an online scholastic resource.  Please follow the daily activities.  So far 5 days of activities have been provided.  We will discuss these lessons when we return.

o   Storyline Online has lots of great read alouds.

  • Science

o   I am emailing information from our sound and light unit.  While at home study natural sources of light.  See how the sun moves in the sky by studying our shadows.  Record what the moon looks like each night.  Use artificial light sources to reflect and create shadow.

  • Social Science

o   Talk about all the important women in history.  YouTube and School Tube have many kid friendly, videos on women in history.  I will be sending home reminders of fantastic women to study.  This week see what you can learn about Malala Yousafzai, Althea Gibson and Beatrix Potter.

  • Physical Activity

o   Our wonderful PE team has shared some activities that can be done during this time.   That resource will be shared in a future email.


Ray School will not be open to any visitors during break.  I will be available via email and Dojo during this time.  I hope that everyone remains healthy and  I look forward to seeing all of your smiling faces on March 31st.


Stacy Horgan

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