March 2, 2020

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Notes and Reminders:
-Thank you to all the families that have brought in snacks to share.

-Please return the field trip form and $11. The field trip is not until April 30th but final payment is due next week.

This week we will read The Sandwich Swap. This quarter first graders will hear many stories that feature diverse characters. We will identify story elements such as characters, setting, character development and author’s purpose. We will use the book to make predictions and inferences. Students will continue to identify character traits that support a growth mind set and perseverance. We will review words with the long e spelled (y) and the long I sound spelled (y).

Sight Words: called, just, where, more, know
Vocabulary: swap, heavenly, revolting, pesky, ashamed

We are continuing on with our unit on All About Writing. Students will work on organizing facts and writing strong introductions and conclusions. We will publish a piece of writing and share our All About Books with our peers.

This week, we will (finally) finish unit 5. Math journals will be sent home and can remain at home. Use these to review concepts as needed.

In science we will use begin the second part of the science unit on sound and light. Students will use flashlights to make shadows and will explore what happens when we move the light source closer to the object. We will learn about Dr. Seuss, Nelson Mandela and Billie Holiday.

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